Charon Cosmology By Cassidy eiband

The tone of what Charon Cosmology Would be depression and sadness because he is in the underworld all alone with nobody but himself. He is often searching through dead people's pockets and talking to himself. And he is band from anywhere else because he is in service with the underworld.

Some more things I can add about the poem would be more on lines of sadness and that he has nobody. Also he isn't really allowed to leave the underworld because he is being held there by Hades.

Shows the underworld were all the dead is

The way I think all of the texts related and helped my understanding of each one of though's texts. Poetry analysis Helps me understand more of what I am searching and why I am searching that. Searching gives a greater understanding of allusion would be that i got a better way of visualizing what the overall effect of the myth was.


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