RIFLES 5 Week 1 Combat infantryman's Course Mar 2017


RIFLES Jobs will be following the men of RIFLES 5 Platoon as they start their journey from civilians to Riflemen. 47 RIFLES Recruits started their 26 week Combat Infantryman's Course on Sunday 12th March 2017 and from now on will be known as Riflemen (Rfn). Read about their journey, their struggles, the highs, and the lows as we show you week by week what it is like to be trained by the best instructors the British Army has to offer as they strive to become a fully trained Riflemen. Each week we will bring you stories, photographs as well as introducing you to the Riflemen.

Meet the Platoon Staff

Week one Story

Week one story

This week we have started on a long journey, one that will take a group of young men from different backgrounds and transform them in to professional infantry soldiers in the British Army.

Many of the Riflemen have worked hard to reach this stage and make it through the numerous assessment centres. By this point they have already shown themselves to be of a high enough standard to start training but even with this preparation it will still be a difficult six months.

The first week of training is not, unfortunately, the most exciting. It is very busy though. The Riflemen meet a number of new people including their training team, fellow recruits and other important personalities from the Training Centre. They receive lessons on Military Law, Nutrition, the Structure of the British Army, Hygiene, Drill (marching), Equality and Diversity, Weapon Handling and Physical Training. They receive their uniforms, PT kit and field kit. And, they have medical and dental checkups to ensure that they are ready for the tough training to come.

In the evenings, they are ironing the new kit to perfection and continuing to complete the administration needed for training to progress.

Next week is much more exciting for staff and recruits. We focus on weapon handling and physical training, as well as marching and introduction to map reading. The highlight is our first field exercise on Thursday/Friday where the recruits learn basic survival and how to use all their new kit when deployed. This is a critical period because these are the basic skills that professional soldiering is based on and the Riflemen will be relying on what they learn now for years to come.

Lt Gillies

"Forming a cohesive, successful platoon is very difficult. It involves combining the different strengths and weaknesses of a very diverse group of people in to one unit. For RIFLES 5 this process has just started but as the weeks go by we will increasingly act as one single entity and will be far stronger together than we ever could be apart"

Some Photographs from the Week

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