Neologism And thr creation of words

A neologism means a "newly coined word or phrase"

One of the most famous neologists was William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare created over 1700 words that we use in normal speak today.

Here is a link to a list of phrases and words that Shakespeare coined.

Some of them include:








and Buzzer.

Watch This Video!

The video explains a little bit more on what a neologism is, but now lets look at how to make our own!

A Puzzle Piece Neologism

For an activity today, we will be combining prefixes, suffixes and root words to come up with our own neologisms.

Prefix + Root Word + Suffix = A Puzzle Piece Neologism

Here's an example!

"com-" + "-mit-" + "-ion" = commition

Knowing that the prefix "com-" means together, "-mit-" means to send, and "-ion" means the act of doing something, then the word "commition" would mean coming together to send something.

Now that you have seen an example, try it on your own!

Prefix + Root Word + Suffix = Your New Word

Write your word on a piece of paper, as well as the definition and then turn it into me.

Your Challenge!

Now that you have completed a puzzle piece neologism, think about actions, things, and feelings that are around you that may not have a name.

Try to make up a word to go along with one of those things and use it a least twice today when speaking to a family member or friend.


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