A Term in the Chemistry Department Everyday moments at southern Oregon university

Greg Miller, a Chemistry professor encourages his students to be the best they can be. During his lab, he likes to play music while the students work.
Chemistry students are focused, dedicated and successful students.
The Chemistry department is full of bright students who tutor other students in their free time. Each member of the department wants the other to succeed and do well in their classes.
SOU Chem student piping the right amount of substance into her tube.
Caution! Flammable! The students work with many different chemicals and substances throughout the term.
Cookie Day: A tradition within the Chemistry Department where there are cookies and other decadent treats for the students during their busiest and most stressful time of the term.
Professor Greg Miller communicating to the students what the sample plug should look like for their lab procedure.
Calm before the storm; The empty lab is peaceful until students rush into finish up their final lab.
The SOU Chemistry Department uses plenty of glassware for their lab projects. Some may make it until the end, some may be broken along the way, just like some of the students. Since the major is difficult, some students struggle along the way to understand the material and concepts.

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