Saving Our Endangered Animals! some familys don't have pets that want them but they are getting killed

Some animals are endangered. Endangered means if an animal is getting killed and there are not much left.

Red pandas are getting killed so we need to help them. This is important because if you love animals, there will not be any more animals left.

A group of foxes is called skulk or leash. Red foxes eat birds berries fruit squirrels mice!

Polar bears are the largest type of bear in the world. They are getting killed we need to help. If one person kills an animal another person might kill one too.

They eat mice and lobster & other birds. We need to help those animals! If an animal is nice and a person is blind the animal could help them.

We need to help animals. Stop killing animals and start helping animals! Adopt animals from shelters and make sure animals have food to eat.

By: Evie, Reese, Isabelle!

Created By
Reese Evie Isabelle


Created with images by doublejwebers - "Arctic Wolf Portrait" • janeb13 - "red panda little panda cute" • USFWS Pacific Southwest Region - "Sierra Nevada red fox in the grass" • Roycerolls12 - "polar bear zoo bear" • USFWS Pacific Southwest Region - "Northern Spotted Owl"

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