The Han Dynasty P.E.R.S.I.A

The Hans most remarkable contribution was Intellectual.

The Han dynasty is known for its achievements like the creation of paper, from a mixture of rice and tree bark. This changed Chinese history, as the finally had something to write down thoughts on. In addition, the architectural developments such as Shi Huangdi's detailed tomb, were more examples of intellectual achievements.

Economic growth under the Han.

During the Han dynasty, the economy flourished due the creation of the Silk Road, a trading route which spanned from the eat to west of china and served as a prominent route for trade with other empires and thought china itself. The people thought china were overall wealthier then in previous dynasties.


During the Han dynasty "Confucianism was established as the state orthodoxy; Buddhism was introduced in China by monks traveling from India; and Taoism merged with popular superstitions and increased its following.' During the Han rule a standard religion is established. Religion is also practiced more often in China

Complicated Politics

The Han dynasty has a political history similar to that of Rome, assassination attempts and murder all occurred in a bid for power. Emperor Shi Huangdi survived three assassination attempts, only to eventually die of mercury poisoning. Also, Following emperor Liu Bang's death, his wife violently murdered his sons and mistress in a bid for power.


Women during the Han dynasty were expected to look good "Looking good and wearing make up appears to have been highly valued based on the number of cosmetic boxes found in the graves of Han women." People were also accepting, as one of their emperors(Emperor Ai) was gay.

Art Achievements

Some of the Hans major achievements in the arts include the terra cotta solders, buried in the tomb of Shi Huangdi and the tomb itself, which was artfully decorated with precious Jewels and flowing rivers of mercury. They also had many decorated jars.

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