Personal Spinner By:Kevin Puliti

Problem statement

Sometimes I can get bored very easily. So, in order to make me less bored, I figured I would make a toy. Not just any toy though, it would be a spinner, a unique one too. I read that these new toys can help kids become less bored and can stay focused on stuff. This is where my mind came to play and I started brainstorming ideas.

Brainstorming Ideas

I knew I wanted to have a small spinner that would fit in my hands and could spin for around a minute or so. I knew I wanted mine to look cool, so I got some ideas in my head. I figured I could try and add some spikes to it, so it can spin longer because it is more weight. That is when I started to draw out some ideas.

Research part

The design of my personal spinner

I decided to go with using all 3 regular bearings for my personal. Its light weight and can easily be spun in your hands.

The 3-D build of my spinner

I used some spikes at the end for some additional weight as well to help the spinner spin longer.

The Test

I was able to test my spinner and I got a time of around 50 seconds (it was 48.65). I was hoping for a time of at least a minute, but I was happy with this.

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