Our Community Guide about a Sustainable System: CityBike Liverpool

Introduction: "Our community guide is about cycling in Liverpool. After discussing many different sustainable solutions, we were intrested in how our city works to reduce traffic; a real life problem found in the majority of cities across the world. We found the problem. We also, thankfully, found a sustainable solution our city is currently offering. City Bike is a service that allows users to hire bikes to cycle around the city. Therefore, we were interested to find out how easy and accessible this sustainable solution is and what we could do to help." - Anthony S

Our Iconic City

Problem: "Whilst exploring different sustainable solution in our city, we noticed that we have a real problem with the large amount of traffic on the roads. This causes congestion, has a negative impact on the environment and the road repairs cost our local council a significant amount of money. We recognised that travelling by car, is not a long-term sustainable solution for our city and we wanted to find out how our local community was approaching the problem". - Amelia H

The traffic on a main road in Liverpool City Centre.

Solution: "We were delighted to discover 'CityBike.' This is a service offered in out city in which users can hire a bike as an alternative means of travel." - Bobby-Mai

About 'CityBike': "CityBike' is a 24 hour on-street bike-sharing scheme, providing pedal and electric bicycles for hire to residents and visitors from a number of automated stations across the city of Liverpool" - Isabelle J

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Locations: "A map of our city with just a few of the 1000+ locations of 'CityBike' stations. You can also see live updates about how many bikes are available at each station. This can easily be found online. This means everyone is able to access the information they need to hire a bike if they wish. Check out a snippet of the map below!" - Maria G

Live Map of 'City Bike' in Liverpool

Developments: "We learnt that 'City Bike' now have over 1000 stations in the city center and are continuing to grow and develop. The latest development is the introduction of electrical bikes and scooters around the city." - Isabella C

Sustainability: "We found out that you can rent two bikes per daily membership - each bike will be charged the £1 unlock fee and the correct tariff for the bike you select. The bikes are 50p per 15 minutes with a maximum cost of £10 for a pedal bike and £20 for an electrical bike. This means the bikes are affordable. Students also get a discounted price which works well as Liverpool has a large amount of students." - Pixie H


"Interestingly, you can become an annual member. This means you can rent your boke for a whole year. This really encourages people to keep travelling in an eco- friendly way." - Urwah Y

A 'CityBike' Station

"When you rent a bike you must return the bike within 24 hours, but once registered you have an account and can can control your account by using the app or website. This means it is really easy for people to continue to hire the bikes." - Ellis

An iconic Liverpool building - St George's Hall - in the background.

Improvements: "To improve the 'CityBike' sustainable solution in our city, we feel even more stations need to be introduced. With the majority of the stations in the city center the bikes are helping to reduce traffic. However, the traffic in the areas further away from the central part of our city could also be reduced". - Anthony D

Our Suggestion: "With our closest bike station 15 minutes away from our school, we would like to see more bike stations introduced further out of the city. We would like to see more 'CityBike' stations in our local area. This would reduce traffic even further and be more inclusive to people who live further away from the central part of our city. We are looking forward to vising a 'CityBike' location when the current restrictions end." - Alexandra D

Thank you for your time - St. Francis de Sales Global Scholars - Liverpool, England


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