The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt By Yonatan Zigdon

The Constans Theatre at the Reitz Union was certainly a beautiful theatre. On the outside the entrance has many doors, enabling it to flood a great number of people into the grand theatre at a time. As you walk into the doors you are struck by many fine pieces of artwork. Artwork ranging from seven foot tall sculptures to exquisite pantings hung up on the beige walls. Entering through this pathway I was being warmed up to the great play that was yet to come. Once I entered the actual theatre I was welcomed to a elegant and spacious room that made me feel welcomed. Since I watched this play without any friends to sit next to I found a solo seat for myself. My seat was towards the center of the theatre therefore I had no direct feeling of being too close or too far from the stage. At the beginning of the play I was surprised to find myself within touching distance from some of the actors. The spatial setting played a huge roll on my overall experience of the play.

My social experience also affected my enjoyment of the play. Since I attended the play by myself I was reluctant to find a seat next to a stranger. During the course of the play me and this stranger shared a few laughs, which came from the sound of the person sitting in front of us snoring. Prior to the performance I went onto canvas and checked the requirements for the play as well as the spark story. Requirements such as the one stating pictures of the set are not allowed. Shared experiences often enhance the moment because you will have someone later to reminisce the shared experience with.

"The Divine" a play for Sarah Bernhardt takes place in December of 1905 in Quebec City. The central issue of the play is based on Sarah Bernhardt. After the she enters the city for her play, she is met by two gentlemen sent by the church to withdraw her from this play. The battle lies between religion and theatre. Before attending the performance I knew the church and other religious sanctuaries take offense to many different forms of art. The play made me realize many things. It made me realize how families would use all of there resources in hopes of having a child make it through thee church hierarchy. In this play Leo and Mrs. Talbot, Talbots brother and mother work long hours in terrible conditions in hopes of Talbot learning and becoming a priest. In a way this story relates to many students who attend college. Many parents work long hours in order to fund the investment in there child's education.

The play "The Divine" for Sarah Bernhardt gives the audience a chance for catharsis by putting the person into a whole new setting, one that the viewer is not accustomed to, and then brings upon new problems with new solutions. These new problems that this play reveals, makes the audience relate these problems to there lives and eventually seek knowledge from the solutions in the play. For example Talbots family struggle through poverty is relatable to many students across the country. By watching this struggle viewers can release emotion and look within themselves


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