The New Born Me By Kadi donis

The sunflower is one of the most bright and outstanding flowers. I took this picture with one of my close family friends cameras. This sunflower picture represents one of the parts of who I am as a person. Meaning as you can see this sunflower stands out more than the other sunflowers. This represents one part of them because I am one of the shortest in my family and in my friend’s group. Meaning that I pop out and as you can see the sunflower isn’t afraid to show its seeds and peddles. Meaning it is showing its true colors. That is me I open up really quickly and I am not afraid for people to see my true colors. I learned this while being at home over this pandemic we have.

This is my baby cousin he is about 8 months old. His name is Elian. Elain and I are really close we have this strong bond that I never had with my other cousins. When I look at him he just starts smiling and I could feel that my positive energy commutes. When I make him smile and laugh it makes my day. It shows that I can make anybody’s day even with my smile or laughter. I can even make a baby smile and laugh. That is one of those special moments I realize that I have a special power inside of me and out of me. I am able to share my happiness and positivity to anybody.

This picture I took when we went to the beach on Saturday afternoon with my uncle. As you can see the waves are calm but not calm at the same time. You can see the waves are a bit off balance and some waves are not off balance. I am basically the ocean that sometimes I am off balance and I am on a good balance. Meaning my moods and my process of thinking usually go outside the box or stay inside the box. My energy moves around a lot. Sometimes I am floating and connecting with the waves and sometimes I am not. As you can see when the sun hits the water you see it sparkles. That is me when the sun or anything bright targets me. It shows that it is time for me to stand out or my time to make someone’s day or my day.
This is a picture I took while going out for a walk and stopping by Starbucks. While I got Starbucks I sat down and looked at all of those trees. As you can see that one purple tree stuck together with the green represented me a lot. I think of it as a way of saying that we all have two sides to each other. That we have one side of ourselves inside of us and another side of ourselves that represents our outside selves. As you can see the purple one stands out more meaning that my outside self comes out more than my inside self. As you can see the green tree is behind the purple one meaning my inside self is hidden. Meaning during this whole pandemic I have found how to make my inside self come out and not let the purple tree let me be its shadow. It made me stronger and cable of everyone knowing who I am true.
This picture is right outside my house when the color of the sky was changing and getting darker and the moon is coming out. As you can see at the top of the picture you see shadows of tree branches. Those tree branches represent the dark shadows I have faced in my past and during right now. Each of those little leaves on the branch is situations that are small and the big leaves are the situations in my life that are big. The whole mood of the blue sky represents the positivity in my environment increasing with a little shine of bright yellow in the back decreasing showing. That yellow decreasing slowly represents that all those troubles that happened earlier are going away.

My bunny is one of the most dazzling, unique, and out of this world bunny. In the picture as you can see she is just relaxing and enjoying life. That bunny right there represents me. The type of person who is calm, happy, a fluffy person inside and out, and loveable. That is what I am. I have analyzed her and spent time with her to realize who she is not just as a bunny but as a person. As you can see the grass makes her relax and feel out of this world. When I am at home or in my room I am also in my zone. One peaceful zone. You can see the emotion of being chill and just being yourself like how my bunny is.