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I expect to enhance my knowledge in digital media aspects specifically in operating various editing software. I am personally obsessed as well as interested in the aesthetics of an object and art. I see myself in the future as someone who's ready to jump into media industry or working industry with wide range of knowledge and experience.

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1

Stop Motion Animation

Putting Make-Up is one of the ways to enhance one's beauty. But beauty is also achievable by eating healthy. Food selections actually affects looks, therefore start to eat healthy and let the magic works.

Exercise 2

Viral Videos
Story Board 1

The main aim of this treatment is to show the public that with the Purity Makeup Remover Wipes, you don't need any makeup to feel beautiful because confidence lies within you. This video also aims to tell the public that we should not let society negatively influence the way we perceive our own beauty. On this particular video, there won't be any script as it will be a non-verbal drama.

Story Board 2

Viral Content

Understand, avoid, and be safe

Do you know that drug doesn't merely cause hallucinations? Overdose drug consumption causes many side effects such as memory problem, addictions, and even death. But some fun facts for you people is down here

So do you still want to spend your dollars on something "unauthentic" ? Think again.

Knowing someone with drug addictions? Be there for them. Because it's not the substance, it's the cage.

Re-submission Viral Content

Everyday Foods that Affects You Like a Drug

Drug is a substance that will give physiological changes when it's consumed. Many types of drugs are prohibited by the government in many countries. But have you ever thought that there are some everyday food that could give the same illusion and mood. Here are 3 everyday foods that affect you like a drug.

1. Nutmeg

Consuming a lot of nutmeg will definitely make your system barf and diarrhea. But within few hours you could start hallucinating and completely lost connection with reality. But keep in mind that overdose consumption could lead to death.

2. Salmon

Salmon fish is high in DHA, a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. In fact, when you consume salmon sushi you'll get the DHA from fish and carbohydrates from the rice which will unleash a little bit of serotonin which whill release "happy hormone" and make you feel perky.

3. Sugar

Sugar is the basic blocks building energy for the body. So consuming a lot of sugar could make one more energetic. In the other side, researchers claim that limiting sugar intake will lead to mood swings and depression. To avoid is the best to consume sugar from food, the slow pace of processing will keep you away from the bad.

Pictures source: Google



Understanding what drug harms when it is consumed in different method.

Assignment 3

Animated Chat Stickers

Click on the button below to see Chat Stickers and descriptions. FYI, the character is a girl with a quirky and unique physical feature. This character itself portrays the expression that i personally wish exist in chat stickers. The illustration itself is purposely made simple and clean to visually attracts and be different.

Exercise 4

Mobile app

Introducing the new mobile app Crisp. Please keep in mind that the following name and content shown are only samples, full credit will be given to respective the companies and public figures where their name were shown.

Crisp is a mobile app aiming at travelers. But do bare in mind that this is also accessible to everyone due to the offers and promotions carried by the app.

Talking about the features

The application require users to log in or register in order to access the entire application.

Home Page

This is your home page. Upon logging in or signing up you will be redirected to the home page. This is where you discover everything. Starting from Events, Your profile and Auto search.

My Profile

This is "My Profile" is a place where you can connect with your Crisp friends and see what's up with them. You can also update the pictures you snap, the videos you shoot and the thoughts you think about. It's a place to socialize!

Auto Search

Auto Search feature is a feature set up by Crisp for you to easily access what's around you and what you are looking for. You can also online book your restaurants, hotels or transportation. Easy travel!


Here is where crisp offer you promotions with cooperate companies. Enjoy freebies, vouchers and even discounts by collecting stamps! TnC applied.


Connect to your social media and let the world know what you are doing! Be socially social.

Contact us

Need help with your app? or any cooperate inquiries? Contact us or drop us a mail. We will be more than happy to hear something from you.


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