The Good Life Nature Activity By: Kaitlyn Dailey

Nature on Display

This image of the butterfly eating was the one design of the exhibit that stood out to me the most. I loved how it allowed me to capture and really look at the butterflies closely. It caught my attention for two reasons. The first being that there was fresh fruit just laying around. The second being that you could examine the butterflies at a close proximity. I learned that the natural world relies on so many of the same factors that I rely on. I also found it really enjoyable to be able to be in the same environment as the butterflies.

Nature and Ethics

I do think the Natural History Museum show cased Leopold's beliefs. Going through the museum I felt a sense of appreciation for everything. It really puts your life in perspective compared to everything in the museum. I feel like I need to help out in conserving and educating others about all of the great things that nature does for us. The museum allows its visitors to to have an interactive experience which opens up curiosity.

Nature and the Human Spirit

It is hard to tell in this picture, but the butterfly has a broken wing. These butterflies and all nature go through trials and tribulations just like we do in our normal lives. I think that this image allowed me to better appreciate the natural world. The museum brings us out of our daily lives and basically puts us in the life of a butterfly. This experience is very rewarding and eye opening. The exhibit allows us to realize how thankful we should be in our everyday life.

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