Image Weaving

For the first weaving, I found 2 different pictures of actress Lena Dunham. One was a bit smaller that the other and was on a different type of paper. I cut the face of the larger photo vertically creating the warp, then the smaller photograph horizontally for the weft. I then did a tabby weave of the two images. Because the papers were of different thicknesses, the weaving was uneven and I have weird bumps. It's also really hard to look at!

I decided that the images should have more contrast to one another and be of the same type of paper.

For the next one, I took two images that both related to the declining numbers of lions in the wild. Again, I cut a portion of the larger picture vertically to create the warp. I cut the picture of the lion horizontally to create the weft. I cut the weft one strand at a time to make sure I was weaving them in the correct order.

The image is much easier to look at but I have 2 very long and awkward slits at the edges of the weaving that are distracting.

For the third weaving, I found 2 images that contrasted each other in color and context. The panda representing China's nature elements and the city representing China's industrial elements. I decided to use warp lines that had an alternative shape to them. The warp followed the shape of the panda's body. The city was cut vertically. I solved the long, open slit problem by cutting an opening for the weft only where it was actually needed.

I'm not sure the contrast in the subject matter is really evident, it just looks like a goofy panda. I think the lion is my favorite image.

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