Journey Log 4 Allison Jones - AluminumLithium

Allison Jones - AluminumLithium

Section 37

Journey Log 4



Please no more assignments

Everyone is really tired

Really? Class isn't over yet?

School can be so dull

I barely sleep anymore

Sometimes it can be really interesting, though

That's what keeps me going

Ever thinking about the future

Not slacking off now will help me later

Continue to work hard

Every day

I feel like this past week has been really tough. Not only in this class, but my other classes. I had several tests, a speech, and I got my first test of the semester back in one class that I did really poorly on. It's just been a tough week. But, I know that I can't give up. I have to persevere, and continue to work hard. In Comp. class this week, we were mostly just talking about research and stuff, so I kept asking myself, "What am I going to do my Journey Log on!?" I dug deep into my soul, but all I could see was how tired I am. So, that's how I came to write a whiny, acrostic poem. That aside, I am being persistent. If this were high school (or maybe if I wasn't paying a ton of money to attend Clemson), I would've shut my laptop and gone to bed at 10pm and turned in my Journey Log and Raid 3 late and accept points off. In addition, if this class were a high school class, I would have slept through both lessons this past week. However, I am "sustaining interest and attention" to the subjects we've been discussing in class, because I know that it will aid me in the future.

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