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Anyone wondering about CEED module choices?

FYI and to make choices easier, there are a couple of very good and useful CEED units that I'd recommend and you may wish to consider.

Options 2 and 3 are currently in progress but will be repeated later in the year as indicated below. So don’t be put off by the fact that the application date has passed. Information for each module is as per the link provided.

  1. Designing Blended Learning in Moodle with Barb Macfarlan - apply by 8th May 2017
  2. Fostering Collaborative Learning with Laurence Orlando - apply by 13th Nov - Registration details will be available by end of April
  3. Designing Constructive Alignment with Kim Anh Dang and Julia Lamborn (this one I've had no feedback on but looks interesting) - apply by date TBA. Will be finalised next month, but module should be some time in October, 2017

For FAQs see the CEED site. Questions such as this are addressed there.

Feedback on CEED Modules

We'd like to assist Law staff with selection of CEED modules by hearing about your experiences. Have you completed a CEED module that you would recommend to others? Is there a topic that you'd like covered that doesn't already exist? Let us know so that we can keep everyone informed about options and forward suggestions for new modules to the CEED office, or you could simply complete this Google Form. Remember that Google Forms can only be accessed when you are logged into your mymonash account. They will be blocked if you are logged into an alternate Google account, e.g. personal Gmail.

Please note that the coordination and implementation of CEED modules, is done through Caulfield's CEED Office and is not part of the Law Faculty. Responses received are confidential and will not be forwarded to CEED.

Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about CEED Express Modules

What are Express Modules

You know that you need to complete three CEED professional development modules each year, but did you know that one of these can be an Express Module? Basically, to complete the Express Module, called Capture your learning and engagement, you provide a 200 word report about learning activities you have undertaken that are NOT part of the CEED program.

Can I count any professional development activity or event as an Express Module?

No, but it's easy to find out if what you have in mind does qualify by completing a quick Application Form. To give you an idea of the types of activities that can be considered, have a look at the list below:

  1. leadership or involvement in Faculty Learning and Teaching seminars
  2. presenting, organising, convening or participating in a learning and teaching workshop
  3. participating at learning and teaching conferences, forums or workshops
  4. building learning and teaching communities in and outside Monash relationships and networks
  5. publications in the field of learning and teaching
  6. review and accreditation of courses at other institutions
  7. active contribution to professional education committee

That's really about all there is to it.

Video Workshop

Date: Wednesday 24th May

Time: 10am - 12.30pm

Where: Room 450. BYO laptop

Many teachers are incorporating video into their teaching. If you would like to learn more about educational uses for video, tips on increasing longevity of material produced, tools to use and so on, please come along to a workshop. These will be open to other faculties also but Law will be given priority. Register here.

What is Office Mix?

Office Mix is a free extension to PowerPoint that makes it easy to turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons and share them with your students and colleagues in OneNote, on the web, or in your learning management system. With Office Mix, you can add:

  • Audio and video narration
  • Real-time digital inking
  • Screen recordings that show actions you take on your computer
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Simulations, videos, and live web pages

… all from within PowerPoint. Publishing a mix is as easy as uploading it to the web and deciding who can view it. The people you share it with can view your mix in any web browser on any device. Office Mix shows you data about who watched your mix, how much time they spent on each slide, and how they answered your quiz and poll questions. You can even export that data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

How can teachers use Office Mix?

You already use PowerPoint in your lectures. But how do you…

  • Make yourself available when students need to listen to your lessons more than once?
  • Accommodate students who learn at different rates?
  • Check the comprehension of each student in the class, not just the most vocal ones?
  • Create video-based lessons without a lot of knowledge about video production and technology?

With Office Mix, creating a lesson is as easy as adding a handful of interactive elements to your PowerPoint presentation and publishing it to the secure Microsoft cloud. You can create interactive lessons that:

  • Can be watched one time or as many times as a student needs to.
  • Can be watched, sped up or slowed down, from the beginning or from any slide.
  • Contain quizzes that check student comprehension.
  • Contain audio and video using your webcam and built-in microphone or any other audio-visual peripherals attached to your PC running PowerPoint 2013 or higher.
  • Show you speaking directly to students.
  • Show ink being drawn on key parts of your slide to focus your students' attention.
  • Include screen recordings of other applications running on Windows.

Want to see how easy it is to create a mix? Watch this introduction to all the key features of Office Mix: NB: Don't download from the website as directed in the video. Instead it is available through "my Software" on your Monash PC or laptop.

How to make your first OfficeMix

We have created several templates that can be used for presenting your pre-class materials to students and will be conducting workshops to help anyone that would like to start Mixing. Dates coming soon.

This workshop will assist you in choosing content and concept material to ‘Mix’ and will introduce you to a variety of presentation options through the templates to get you started.


Some lecturers have already been communicating through the new job reporting system called "JobDesk". All new job requests will be setup and logged in the new system. A simple user guide is attached.

Moodle alerts
  1. Do you hate searching for Moodle units? Do you wish there was a search bar at the top of your Moodle dashboard? Click here to see how to do it.
  2. Audio recordings (.m4a or .mp3 files) will not play on iPhones IOS 10 or MAC computers.
Tools and Tips
  1. Windows Movie Maker is no longer available to download from the Monash "My Software" for video editing. If you already have Movie Maker on your computer you can still use it but Microsoft isn't supporting it any longer. We're looking at Camtasia and Adobe Presenter as possible alternatives. We'll keep you posted with training session times.
  2. OSMO - instructions so you can use your mobile phone to record video usig DJI go. Android instructions. MAC instructions.
  3. Sample assignment templates have been created for your use. They are available in the Moodle repository of handouts and templates. You can self-enrol in this unit and explore and use as you wish.
Making a Difference Symposium - The Heartbeat of Teaching

This year sponsored by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences in conjunction with Monash Education Academy.

Monday 23 October pre-symposium workshop & Tuesday 24 October 'The Heartbeat of Teaching Symposium

The focus is active learning pedagogies and Jon Bergman, one of the pioneers of the Flipped Class Movement, will deliver the Keynote address and a pre-symposium flipped learning workshop on Monday 23rd October 2017. This will enable participants to create a complete flipped lesson.

A prerequisite to attending the workshop is completion of the Level 1 Certificate in Flipped Learning online. Monash staff can take advantage of a 30% discount when enrolling to participate in this certification.

You can access the course at the FLGI website. Then apply the discount coupon for Monash Staff, using the voucher code “monashuni”. Your fee will then reduce from US$70 to US$49.

Classroom formats

Currently we can deliver education in several classroom formats. These include face-to-face, virtual, and blended. The traditional lecture classroom environment is limited to face-to-face. The virtual classroom is positioned near the other end of the spectrum with education being delivered completely online. A blended classroom is a combination of both face-to-face and virtual (online) elements. The flipped classroom is a type of blended learning.

For more information on flipping various units visit:

Seminars and Conferences


One of my favourite events is taking place in the week commencing 1st May. Melbourne Knowledge Week always has an interesting, diverse line-up of seminars and events - check out the program here.

Monash Education Academy is delighted to present the second annual Learning and Teaching Conference “The complete learning experience” on Wednesday 31st May 2017 at the Caulfield campus. The Conference harnesses the collective voice of Monash by promoting and celebrating current Monash initiatives, projects and best practice. This year's theme aims to identify and represent all areas of the learning experience. Register to attend.


MoodleMoot will be held on 26th - 28th September in Sydney. I'll let you know when the Calls for Participation open.

Blackboard (who own Netspot, who host our instance of Moodle) are having a teaching and learning conference on the 5th - 8th September in Darwin.


Heartbeat of teaching and scholarship symposium: The second annual Monash Educational Designer Community of Practice symposium will take place at the Caulfield Campus on Tuesday 24th October 2017. The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences will host this years’ event. 'The Heartbeat of Teaching and Scholarship Symposium', will focus on active learning pedagogies and supporting research. Jon Bergmann, a pioneer of the Flipped Class Movement and will deliver our Keynote address.

ISSOTL (International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning): ISSOTLis a well-respected conference that focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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