THE MOB Marina Oglesby

My dream took place while I was working at H-E-B. I was standing around talking to a friend about the future and what life will be like for each of us after high school. Another person walked up and joined in the conversation. One by one more people started walking up and joining in. Every person had a different question for me. Before I knew it I was surrounded by a crowd of people all asking me various questions. It got very loud and crowded very suddenly. I lost sight of my friend and was trying to pick out voices and faces but everything started to blur together. I was in the middle of a circular crowd of people, all dressed in red (because that's the H-E-B uniform). I could not figure out who to answer first so I stood there in a daze. I woke up from this dream feeling very overwhelmed.

Symbol #1: The blur - I believe I experienced blurriness in this dream because I have been avoiding confronting an issue in my life that has recently occurred. This issue has forced me to re-plan my entire future and college plans and I have been putting off facing it head on. I think the blur represents my confusion and uncertainty for my future.

Symbol #2: Questions - Questions represent the many different decisions I have in my life right now. I think the multiple people asking me all different questions is a representation of how many different choices I have to make. This could indicate that I have some answers that I am holding back from sharing with others.

Symbol #3: A crowd - The crowd is an indicator that I may need to take time for myself. I need to distance myself from all the chaos surrounding me and spend time reflecting on my true feelings, wants and needs for my life. An unruly crowd such as the one in my dream represents all these worries and problems pressing in on me.

Symbol #4: Working - Being at work signifies that I am overworked and preoccupied with my job. Money is something that has been on my mind more than it should be lately. I may need to take some time for myself, off of work and have some fun.

Dream meaning: (Cognitive perspective) I believe that this dream was trying to tell me something important and indicating that I need to make some changes in my life. With graduation approaching I have some life changing decisions to make and I have been very stressed out. All my plans suddenly had to be reviewed again because of a situation I am in now. This has been very difficult for me because my entire life is going to be different and this has been very confusing and scary. I think this dream is telling me I need to take some time for myself and really focus on what will be good for me. I need to be selfish and make choices for me. This dream is telling me that I cannot have any relief without facing my problems head on.

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