Texting and Driving Tanializ

Texting and driving is important because if you do it you can get hurt. When you drive make sure your focused on the rode. Never pick up your phone put it on mute or shut it off. Also you could tell the person to text you later on.
You could download apps that will stop you from texting and driving. You could also put your phone on driving mode it makes it easier for you to answer. By downloading apps you could have a better chance of not getting in an accident. You could find information here https://www.policygenius.com/blog/5-apps-to-help-you-stop-texting-while-driving/
It is dangerous to text and drive, I think it is dumb when people text and drive because there putting themselves and others in danger. It will get you distracted and get into another lane and hit another car. Texting and driving is illegal if the cops see you do it you will most likely going to get in trouble. If your going to text while on your rode just pull up to the side so you and others are not in danger. This is how I feel about texting and driving.


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