Poem Project By Anthony Jaques 1/2 ms. robinson


“Mom! Mom! Look!” “And now, with the 9th pick in the 2004 NBA draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select, Andre Iguodala!!!” It’s crazy isn't? Years go bye like cookies in a cookie jar. It was only a few years ago when this happened. My eyes glued to the tv screen as the Philadelphia 76ers selected Andre Iguodala as the ninth pick in the 2004 NBA draft. It’s almost funny when you think about it. Back then, basketball was my heart. It was about the only thing I did until I started playing myself. I can still remember sitting on my dad's shoulders as he gave me a boost to see my first NBA game. My body was full of energy when I saw the Philadelphia 76ers take the floor. The sound of the announcer announcing every player's name as they came running out of the tunnel, “And now starting at small forward, a player from Arizona State University, Andre Iguodala!!!” The crowd screaming as he ran through the high five line. Definitely one of my favorite experiences of my life. And now, I am sitting in the same room as Adam Silver along with other NBA future stars hoping to get a shot at their lifelong dream. The only thing different between them and me... “And now, with the 9th pick in the 2022 NBA draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select, Anthony Jaques from Duke University”. I am taking full advantage of my chance.

1. I understand every word in this

2. The title helps with the meaning because the poem is about someones childhood dream turning into reality

3. The poem makes you visualize people in a room and at a basketball game

4. The first bolded sentence is a simile. Years dont actually go by like a cookie in a cookie jar. The second bolded sentence is a metaphor. The narrators heart isn't actually basketball.

5. The poem is about a person who loved watching basketball and then he became a basketball player himself. According to the poem, "watching basketball was my life until i started playing myself." This means that the narrator loved watching basketball and then started playing and made it to the NBA.

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