Melissa Photosynthesis & respIration

Leaves trap energy from the sun.
1. Leaves gather 6 molecules of water and 6 molecules of carbon dioxide. 2. Leaves use the sun's energy to break apart molecules of H2O and CO2
1. Leaves reorganize the elements to form glucose (sugar) , which is food for the plant. 2. 6 molecules of CO2 plus 6 molecules of H2O yields one glucose molecule plus 6 molecules of oxygen gas. 3. Plants use the glucose for food. The leftover oxygen gas is released into the air as waste products.
This is the stoma. The stoma is what the leaves breath carbon dioxide from.
The chloroplast is inside the plant and is the plant cell. It collects carbon dixiode and water. It makes glucose.
Chlorphyll is a chemical inside the chloroplast.

This is the formula for glucose. Glucose consists of 6 carbon molecules, 12 hydrogen molecules, and 6 oxygen molecules.

This is the chemical reaction for cellular respiration.

H2O is the formula for water. Plants drink water.

H2O- Hydrogen 2 Oxygen 1

Plants breath in CO2.

Carbon 1 Oxygen 2
ATP is stored energy

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