Desmond Doss Article BY: Brady Linkel and Lane Sparks

1. Desmond Doss enlisted as a and refused to carry a rifle in World War II.

2. They made a movie about Desmond Doss called Hacksaw Ridge.

3. Doss repeatedly ran by his self in the kill zone carrying wounded soldiers to the edge of the cliff and singlehandedly lowering them down to safety.

4. The fighting took place took place on Maeda Escarpment in April 1945.

5. Every time he saved a soldier he said, "Lord, please help me get one more."

6. By the end of the night he saved an estimated 75 men.

7. Desmond Doss had only one child named Desmond Jr.

8. He grew up in Lynchburg Va, the middle child William Doss, a carpenter and WWII veteran, and Bertha Doss, a homemaker.

9. When the Japanese attacked Peral Harbor, Desmond was working at a shipyard in Newport News.

10. When he arrived for basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C. he quickly became an outcast from the rest of the recruits.

11. His father was played by Hugo Weaving in the movie.

12. He died in 2006 and while he spent much of his later life retelling the incredible events.

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