The Last Years of the Republic By: Nathan herman

1. Anson Jones was a doctor from Brazoria and a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto. 2. Jones received Houston's support in the election. 3. Voters either supported or opposed Sam Houston- there was no middle ground.

4. Jones easily won the election. 5. Many Texans blamed Lamar for the promblems of the Rebublic. 6. When Houston was elected for his second term there was no money in the treasury.

7. Jones continued Houston's policy for limited government spending. 8. Annexation to the USA became more likely. 9. Texas' currency became the same as the USA's currency. 10. Texas debated if they should stay independent or becaome part of the US.


Created with images by sixpounder - "COME AND TAKE IT flag" • Jesse 1974 - "Texas Done Right"

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