New York founded in 1626 hayle beach

New York was founded in 1626.

Peter Minuit, is a Dutch explorer. He found New York but he named it New Amsterdam.

The Dutch then surrendered it to the English and renamed it New York after Duke of York.

Farming in New York was one of the main jobs in New York.

Farming helped them, by producing food for them and their livestock.

Since they had good soil for farming, they would plant crops then they would trade.

Their weather was warm in the summer and mild in the winter.

Their government was a representative.

Once Duke of York owned New York he promised everyone who came, freedom of religion

By 1775, New York was governed as a royal colony.

Typical farms was 50-150 acres. This included a house, barn, yard and fields.

New York was known as breadbasket colony, because it grew so many crops.

They also manufacture iron such as, plows, tools, kettles, locks, nails and large blocks.

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