Tattoos On The Heart Refelctions

Chapter 7: One night, Boyle is on his way home and saw Spider sitting on the bench by the White Memorial Hospital. Spider just got done with work at the hospital, so Boyle offered to pick him up. Spider tells Boyle that when he gets home, the first thing he is going to do is sit down and have dinner with his wife and his two kids. Spider talks to Boyle about how he watches his children eat until they are full, and then he eats his own food, even though sometimes there is no food left. This shows me how caring Spider is for his family, and how he will give them everything he has to offer.
Chapter 4: Boyle talks about how he baptized gangsters. One person he baptized was a gang member with his brother Cisco named George. George just got his GED and was being baptized the same day, but he didn't know his brother Cisco got shot and died the day before. Boyle baptizes George, and then breaks then tells him what happened after. George was sad, but he stayed committed to his faith. This showed me how important it is to keep a strong relationship with God even when the worst things in the world happen to you.
Chapter 9: 17 year old Louie came to visit Fr. G. Louie was covered in hickeys when he visited him. Louie says he got there yesterday and Fr. G was the first person he saw when he got there. Fr. G talked about how he doubted that he was the first one Louie's seen because of the hickeys. Both of them laughed and created a kinship with each other while they were alone. This shows that you can create a kinship with anyone no matter how bad they could have been. People change and you can turn anyone into a great friend.

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