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Why Corporate Travel Management is Vital

In 2020, managing travel is vital for every type of company, from small family owned business to fortune-50 corporations. If you have employees who travel, you need to be utilizing instant and precise, cost saving travel data services.

A well-managed travel program can save companies 15% to 20% on employee travel. When you have other tasks that are already consuming your time, learning and mastering a complex logistics system is something you should leave to the experts and we are here to keep you on-task and worry-free.

A managed travel program balances the needs of the individual traveler with the goals of the company. It governs how employees purchase travel so that they enjoy a level of comfort and convenience while the company controls costs and meets their duty of care obligations.

Using a Travel Management Company (TMC) such as Galactic is a key building block of a managed travel program. A dedicated relationship with a professional partner helps an organization control their travel costs and identify areas ripe for negotiated rates, as well as provide travelers with booking autonomy and assistance during travel disruptions.

Why Galactic?

Traveler's Perspective

  • Boutique service from Travel Consultants – GALACTIC Travel Consultants are not timed or pressured to rush your travelers and arrangers.
  • 79% of travelers prefer to book their travel on their smartphone – Galactic will provide an online booking channel available in App format.
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 emergency after hours service.
  • Streamline bookings - 44% of surveyed business travelers say they spend up to an hour or more booking a trip with an average time reading reviews on hotel and lodging solutions taking 20 minutes.

Cost Savings

  • access to GALACTIC’s wholesale fares that could save hundreds to thousands of dollars on Business Class tickets, may be especially effective for Quarterly India trips.
  • Repricing of tickets within a 24-hour ticket voiding window. GALACTIC will watch to see if a lower fare becomes available after ticketing for both Agent and Online bookings.
  • On average 10% of a company’s airline tickets are unused or exchanged. The average cost to a company is 3-7% of travel spend. Galactic will provide a monthly report of remaining tickets and assist with usage of these.

Duty of Care

  • A top reason companies require their travelers to book with the Corporate Travel Management company.
  • Galactic provides a proactive traveler tracking system that can track travelers’ location, send emergency alerts, notify travelers of cancellations, delays and more.

Advanced Insights

  • Account Managers will help analyze travel and expense patterns for best program practices.
  • Consistent Policy Improvement – Locate areas of weakness in your policy and implement improvements, while weighing the traveler satisfaction.
  • Assistance accessing and negotiating with air, car and hotel suppliers for preferred agreements.
  • Update your company with the latest in travel news for best practice employment.

See how GALACTIC PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS can save you money on your bottom line with superior corporate travel management.


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