I Care Project Don't let the world go to waste

I.C.A.R.E - stands for Ideals

I Clean and Renew the Environment.

I Care About Renewing Everything

I CARE is a network of citizens, people of the global community wanting to make a difference on climate change and cleaning up the environment with no nonsense real world applications of technology and programs

The problem

The World is choking on its Waste

Typical Landfill

Wasted potential energy

The solution

Don't bury Nature

Convert waste into energy

The Challenge

The developing world is drowning in plastic waste

A child crossing a river of trash

The Answer

Let's harvest all waste for cleaner energy & water

The Issue

China not taking our plastics anymore

Municipal Plastic Waste is now landfilled or burned

The Response

Cities want useful products recycled out of their waste

Harvesting Waste for Plastic Lumber

Buiding sustainable structures

How do we control waste?

Waste is an energy feed-stock

All waste is carbon that we engineer into optimized green clean fuel.

Bio Carbon Fuel from Waste

Use our trash to power our future.

Converting Heated Waste into Green Diesel & Aviation Fuels

Trucks feed the World, fuel them with the cleanest diesel, while not burning fossil fuels.

Accomplish the future today

What happens to the CO2 when you create energy?

CO2 is harvested for Hydroponic 24/7/365 Growing Containers producing locally grown produce

Farm to Fork near the cities

Feed a hungry world locally

How can you help?

Join the I CARE network!

I Care is about empowering your desire to help with the global push for a cleaner world.

Be the differance, you change the world.

Share in cleaning up your city's and the World's waste

Help fund a Total Recovery Facility for your city.

Invest in your World

New plant finacing investors welcome

Become a participant in the development news stream and gain acess to opportunities

Use your participation as a positive image in your marketing

Silver Level $25

Gold Level $50

Platinum Level $100

Founder Level $500

Sponsor Level $5,000

Partner Level $25,000

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