Breaking Dawn Twilight Book Review By: Sophia, MMS

The Cold War

The wind blew as the snow fell. Bella and her group walked up ready to fight. Likewise they were ready to win. In Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn Twilight , Bella wanted a baby, but Edward her vampire husband didn’t because the baby might hurt her. So they accidently have a baby. Then their bad and unfriendly friends come to capture their baby because she is a rare half-human and half-vampire baby.

The lion roared as the couple ran into the green forest with bugs flying everywhere, birds chirping ready to hunt. This describes my favorite part because this was Bella’s first hunt. I was so happy for her, and I was so nervous that she would get hurt. She acted like she had done it before, though, because she was so good. It’s very impressive that she did that well because it’s like a baby’s first word. They stumble on that word for a while then get it right, but Bella acted like a pro.

The book’s greatest value is when they were in the cold, windy, white and snowy Canada ready to fight. This is the greatest value because I was nervous for them. likewise I felt like I was in Canada ready to fight too. The pack fought like they have waited for this their whole lives, the action in addition to fire. Moreover, I was sitting at the end of my seat not knowing what would happen next. At last the fight was over, my heart racing, knowing that the war has stopped.

In addition to this the life lesson is be careful what you wish for because Bella wanted a baby, but after she had the baby the other vampires came after her baby because she was a rare baby.

I would recommend this book to any middle schoolers ready for action, emotion, and teamwork. Action in the war. Moreover, the emotion in the characters, and teamwork as in fighting for their life.

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