Equal Exchange Fair Trade Alliance of Kerala Cashews

MOM's 2018 Cashew Impact:

Total Projected Pounds Purchased: 33,938

Total Projected Paid above Fair Trade Minimum: $65,500

Total Projected $ to Small Farmers: $222,294

MOMs first purchased cashews in 2013, as one of EE's first partners for this supply chain. MOM’s was an early adopter of the Equal Exchange cashew program and represents about 10% of EE’s 2018 cashew sales.

Each of 4,500 farmers in the Fair Trade Alliance of Kerala (FTAK) don’t own much land, but what they lack in acreage, they make up for in biodiversity. The owners grow herbs and spices, vegetables, coffee, tea, cacao, henna, cashews, coconuts, and other fruit trees. In fact, an average FTAK farmer could have as many as 85 different crops and plants on his or her farm.

FTAK members use their Fair Trade premiums for disaster management funds, bicycles for school children, safe drinking water, and financial aid for members.

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