Smallpox By Carly Warms

Smallpox is a dreaded disease known for thousands of years.
1. Smallpox is spread by inhaling saliva or mucus droplets from another infected individual.
2. ABout 90% of victims die from smallpox. the other victims who don't die suffered from kidney damage, blindness, or pneumonia.
3. After about 7-17 days, victims will be introduced to symptoms including a high fever, body aches, and fatigue.

Smallpox is a horrible plague that killed millions of innocent people, and was used as a biological weapon that affected native americans in the 18th century.

1. smallpox affected the population in North America. Since smallpox spreads so quickly, there is a large death toll. between the 15th and 19th century, smallpox may have reduced the Native American population by 80 million people.
2. SmaLLPOX impacted weaPONS. DURING THE 18TH CENTURY, EUROPEANS USED SMALLPOX AS A GERM WAREFARE AGAINST NATIVE AMERICANS. THE EUROPEANS UNDERSTOOS HOW SMALLPOX SPREAD, WHICH ALLOWED THEM TO NOT GET INFECTED. Sometimes, the Europeans would give the native Americans a "gift" which included an infected blanket. This helped the Europeans conquer America.
Thanks to the advancements in science, smallpox is now under control in the u.s. Due to a helpful vaccine. Although, Europeans used smallpox as a weapon to kill millions of native Americans and to help them conquer America.

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