By Hailey Wegscheid

Dorothy represents the American values in the 1800's. She is loyal, resourceful and determined.

Toto the dog represents the average people because they reveal the fraud of the government just as Toto reveals the fraud of the Wizard.

Uncle Henry represents the "typical" western farmer. He never laughs, works all day, and is depressed.
Aunt Em is similar to Uncle Henry in that she is depressed, the difference is that she was happy until she moved to the farm then she stopped laughing.

The tornado represents the silver movement. Farmers were losing money and going in debt so they wanted to dollar value to be based on both silver and gold.

Dorothy's Silver Slippers represent the silver standard, it was the key to the return of prosperity for the farmers.

The Tin Man

The tin man represents the industrial workers, he was immobile and rusted, that's also how several factory workers felt when many businesses were shut down.

The yellow brick road represents the gold standard, in the movie it shows the yellow brick road leading to palace, or the power.

Kansas represents the heartland of America, its geographically the middle of the US and when the tornado comes it destroys everything, just like when the stock market crash destroyed and confused the people.

The Scarecrow represents the western farmers because he complained about not having a brain but he was the best problem solver out of the group, and in that time western farmers were supposedly stupid.
The cowardly lion

The cowardly lion represents the politician William Jennings Bryan who was a supporter of the silver movement. He compares the the lion because they both have a loud roar, but neither of them had power or bite.

The Monkeys represent the Native Americans because they used to do what they wanted to do happy and free, but now they are ruled by the settlers. "Dorothy and friends are told when they meet up with the monkeys that they were once a free people who happily lived in the forest where they flew from tree to tree eating fruit and nuts and doing whatever they pleased without having to call anyone master. This was years before Oz appeared from the clouds to rule over the land."

The Emerald City represents Washington D.C. And the palace represents the White House. Both of these are the main places where people go for help.

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