To Ghana with Son Legacy Building with Gabriel and Nephew Jarion

Ghana is on the West Coast of the Continent of Africa, it was formerly called the Gold Coast by Colonist
Streets of Accra
Worship Service at King's Voice Ministry-Sunday, Mar. 5, 2017
Ghana Independence Day Celebration- Mar. 6
Hydrating with Fresh Coconut Water
Slave Castle in Keta (model, captured kings throne)
Standing on same beach were slaves were captured and sent to the Americas
1st of 4 Evening Services
The Fiagbedzi's with oldest daughter Ella
Ant mound in route to visit village
Women at well traveled often 10 times a day back and forth to provide water in their village
Entrance of well
Next village had a pump and reservoir
Women and girls preparing cassavas
Slave Castle in Cape Coast (60 years to complete)
Entrance to holding cells where slave spent up to 3 months chained and living in their own waste
What contrast such beauty yet so much horror
View from Castle to Lighthouse used for protection
Governor's Room
Door of No Return
Door of No Return
View right outside the door of no return
Gabriel and Miss Glory Fiagbedzi
From chicken coup to class room
Cooling off after conference
Eric provided excellent service to us
Ms. Mercy and Glory
Captain Dr. Emanuel Fiagbedzi
Our family in Ghana

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