Our Bad Ass Guide to Intimate Portraiture with Robin Seymour Photography


If you have been considering a session like this but you keep putting it on the back burner for whatever reasons you have given yourself... you need to know the right time is NOW. Not when you lose 10 lbs, not when things with the kids settle down, RIGHT NOW. You deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered RIGHT NOW. My passion for boudoir comes from watching strong and deserving women like you find themselves in front of my camera. Through styling, pampering, and a little relaxation we will love on you while you love on yourself!

WARNING: Boudoir session with Robin Seymour Photography may cause extreme boosts in self confidence, self image, and self love.

Don't stress over what to wear!

I am going to make this easy on you. Here are our favorite wardrobe choices for boudoir!

Colors: Neutral colors (black, white, tan, cream, nude, blush) OR Dark colors (red, burgundy, navy, emerald, plum, grey, dark green)

Style: bodysuits, crop top/bra & panties, high waisted panties, tight fitting tank tops, tight fitting slip dresses, shaper slips, bralettes (NO LOOSE FITTING BABY DOLL TYPE LINGERIE, they hang from your body making you look square and hiding all those beautiful curves that we are dying to show off!)

BUT if you hate shopping and have a hard time with decisions, keep reading!

The Client Closet!

That is right! We have an in studio collection of pieces for our boudoir clients to use! We have many pieces in all sizes and are adding pieces all the time! We currently have 100+ items!

Places you can purchase lingerie include:

In Person: Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Hearts, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, Torrid and your local lingerie boutiques.

Online: yandy.com, hipsandcurves.com, playfulpromises.com, boohoo.com, adoreme.com, fashionnova.com and my all time favorite honeybirdette.com


Our studio is located right in the heart of downtown Plaquemine, La. We have a bed, couches, chairs, throws, backdrops, and all kinds of things to change the vibe of your session to the style you are looking for. As a photographer I love shooting a range of styles and sometimes I am feeling bright and airy, some times I am feeling dark and moody. As we chat about your session and what makes YOU feel great we can decide on the perfect session styling for you!


As your dedicated boudoir specialist, I will pose you in the most flattering light!

After photographing hundreds of clients just like you, we have made it our mission to help women find their "sexy" again by emphasizing the right look and make every woman look their best! Regardless of size, shape or otherwise, we will show you the sexiest side of yourself and make you think twice about saying negative things to your body ever again! In addition to the physical posing, we also work on improving your body image and relationship with yourself. During your session, we will apply our expertise to make you look and feel like the bombshell you are!


You can have faith that our goal is to make you fall in love with yourself. Not a fake altered version of yourself. We do take care to retouch out any distractions from your images (blemishes and things that are not normally there), make color corrections, and give your images our signature pop! But it is important to us that you see yourself in these images. Your amazing, strong, beautiful, SEXY, self! That being said we understand that each woman is on her own journey and is comfortable with different things when it comes to retouching. However, I will not photoshop your body to be a different size than you really are.

Your Boudoir Experience

Your Session

Once you arrive if you have booked The Total Package you will get into hair and makeup we will go through your outfits and choose what you will wear for the session. I promise we are very laid back and we love to laugh! Having butterflies is totally normal but once we have hung out together for a bit and have chosen your outfits you should start feeling a little more at ease! Nerves are totally normal and just mean you care about what you are doing!

Once we start shooting, I will take over and continually give you direction and advise you on how to pose. My job as your boudoir specialist is to help you channel your inner goddess and bring out your sensual emotion. In addition to telling you how to pose, I will demonstrate for you! We understand that you are not a professional model (though you will feel like one), I AM a professional photographer and it is my job to make you look like fire, so trust in me and you will leave with amazing images!

Your Image Reveal

Your image reveal is where you will see your images for the first time and choose your portraits. You can also make any upgrades to your package at this time.

Get excited, because you will be holding your awesome products soon!


Price To Book Your Session

We now offer 3 types of sessions. Body Shots ($399), Boudie Call ($1200), and The Total Package ($2000). What is included in each package can be found on the Pricing & Packages page of the website.

Sessions are booked on weekdays only

Our luxury lay flat albums are available in 8X8, 10X10, and 12X12. The pages of these albums are thick and durable and cover options are available in premium leathers, fabrics, and linens.
Our Metal Prints show off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can. Your most captivating shots take on life-like depth and dimension for an impressive display that stands the test of time. These metal prints stand about 3/4 inch off the wall for a sleek and sexy look.


Where are you located? And do you travel? My studio and office is located at 58024 Fort St however we also offer shoots on location in some instances. We sometimes travel out of town as well so we may be coming to a city near you!

Do I bring my own lingerie or do you supply it? While I suggest bringing your own bundle of items to wear for your shoot, you will also have access to my clent closet if you would like to use pieces from there!

Do you shoot with props? I am big on minimalist shooting, making you the sole focus. I will however shoot ladies in their hubbys clothing, favorite team jersey, his hat, etc.

Do you include digitals with your session fee? Yes

If I don't purchase my images at my reveal, can I come back later and get them? We want to make sure that you get your absolute favorite images, so we will keep your entire gallery on file for 24hrs after your reveal for anything you may have missed.

Do you shoot on location? Typically no. Unless it is a preplanned destination shoot, all shoots are done in studio.

Is there parking by your studio? There is parking behind the studio.

So are you ready?

Lets do the damn thang!