Corrine West Media unit stills, documentary photography and video productions

Corrine Gretton-West is the creator of Corrine West Media, she is a freelance photographer and videographer with 9 years of professional experience in the photographic industry.

Corrine has taken unit stills for various productions including UK Haunted LIVEReally TV's Social Event. She also photographs live gigs for bands and covers events around the UK. Corrine also photographs headshots and stills for a range of paranormal research projects for local and national teams.

In addition she is co-founder, photographer and videographer of Lecor Paranormal with 15 years experience in the paranormal industry.

Alex Gretton-West is Photographer and Videographer with 9 years of professional experience in the industry. He has documented various paranormal research projects and conventions around the UK. Alex has also filmed for bands around the UK.

Alex is also team member, videographer, social and tech for Lecor Paranormal.





Corrine West Photography

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