Global climate solutions By : Vea collado & aryss forbes.

AIR POLLUTION - There are currently 1.2 billion estimated cars out on the roads emitting gas everyday. One way we could solve this is to ride bikes. Riding bikes could kill 3 birds with one stone not literally.. Riding a bike does not require fuel, it could make America more active, and it doesn't cause air pollution whatsoever.
DROUGHTS - Droughts are caused by the climate change. Although stopping climate change altogether has proven difficult, We can start with baby steps. One way to help with the droughts is to create some sort of rain reservoir. It would be able to collect rain and store it for times in need.
RIVER POLLUTION - Rice farmers flood the fields with water and drain it into the river. Seems harmless. Until you take into account the fertilizer that is being drained into the river with the water. These fertilizers can be toxic since they carry nitrates. One way this could be solved is reusing the water some how. Creating a place where the water could be stored and reused. Another way could be using natural or a safer fertilizer.


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