Space Machine Imagery Ruud de Korte Portfolio

I'm a SteamPunk Photographer

I'm an International Photographer

Poison Garden, BeauMonde Switzerland




Portraits of Gala Nocturna
Portraits of Gala Nocturna
Portraits of Gala Nocturna
Portraits of Gala Nocturna



I'm a Set Photographer

Horror at Action-Reaction studios

I'm a Director of Photography DOP


I'm an Extreme Photographer

I'm a Boudoir Photographer

Model: Ceres. MUAH: Yolanda Vintage

I'm a documentary Photographer

Everybody is welcome at Oradour Sur Glane. And everybody is dead. There are no bodies left. It isn't a ghost town. It's an example of so many towns and dead cities created nowadays in wars beyond our imagination. It's an example how cruel humanity can be towards itself.
© Ruud de Korte

I always work with real life locations and real animals

NEstor of SteamPunk
Model: Femke Ceres. Jewelry: Ada Boer Jewelry.

I know to sculpt the light

Bonsart Bokel

I create magic

ebenezer c. whitford

I have my own studio

Irene Adler
Shirley Watson

I'm a Dieselpunk Photographer

Cpt. C. Bashford demonstrating the power of the Atom Blaster. The device itself was manufactured at the secret F- Factories, in the arctic at that time.
Atomic uniform for officers

I am a special Photographer

Atomic Collection

Atomic Collection

This is Me

I am Ruud

Ruud de Korte


All photos copyrights Ruud de Korte, Space Machine Imagery

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