Early Entitlement Jan 20

Meet the staff

Mrs. E. Titchen is the class teacher and also deputy headteacher.

Mrs. C. Harris is the Nursery lead.

Mrs. J. Oldfield is the teaching assistant supporting Nursery and Reception.

“We take children to the starting line-they take us to the finishing line. It is not a race, it is a journey. It is a process. They need to learn and develop, and they need help and support along the way, but it is their finishing line.”

Learning and Teaching Pedogogy- Welsh Assembly Government 2008

We learn through play. The purpose of play/active learning is...

Motivates, stimulates, supports, develops skills, develop concepts, develop language, communication, develops concentration, develops positive attitudes, demonstrates awareness/use of recent learning and skills, consolidates learning.

There are seven areas of learning:

1. Personal and Social Development

2. Language, Literacy and Communication skilks

3. Mathematical Development

4.Welsh language development

5. Knowledge and understanding of the world

6. Physical Development

7. Creative Development

And as we are a Church school, Religious Education


- whole class work

- adult initiated group work

- 1:1 activities

- independent tasks

- combination of indoor and outdoor learning


We use Incerts to record assessments and track pupils.

We make assessments through observations of your child.

What will my child need?

Uniform- clearly labelled (see School website for further details)

Snack money £1 per week, please pay in advance for the half term.

Book bag rather than rucksacks please.

Nappies, wipes and nappy bags if needed.

On the first day...

Drop off and collection is at the Nursery/Reception door

You will be welcomed by your teacher and your key worker will be waiting on the Carpet for the children.

If anyone else is collecting your child please tell a member of staff. We will not allow them to go home with anyone else unless we have been informed.

How can I help my child?

Teach them to put their coat on.

Help them to put their own shoes on.

Talk to your child about starting early entitlement.

Read to them every day.

Attend any parents’ sessions the school holds or ask a family member to attend if you are unable.

Get your child to school on time with everything they need.

Talk to one of the team about any concerns you might have. We have an open door policy and will always be willing to help.

Friends of Minera

If you are interested in joining the Friends of Minera please pass on your email to a member of staff.

Dates for your diary

Wednesday 18th December, Stay and Play session 10.30-11.30

Read with me session Monday, 20th January at 11am

Keeping you informed

Please visit our class page on the School web

Follow us on Twitter

Text messaging- Please make sure we have your up to date details.

Any questions please contact us on 01978 269500 and ask to speak to Mrs. Titchen

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