STRATEGY & FREQUENCY: For my first statistics exam I decided to use flashcards to help with remembering all the different definitions, problem methods, and problem formulas. I gave myself five days in advance to study for the test and I used the flashcards to start off my study session and to end my study session. I would go through the deck of cards for about 15 minutes at the beginning and then 15 minutes at the end of my study session.


STRATEGY & FREQUENCY: I also used my class chapter notes to study for my first statistics test. My chapter notes were very helpful because they allow me to go back and check on certain topics that I do not fully understand. In my chapter notes, I write a lot of messages back to myself along with the actual notes. I write the messages back to myself because my professor might explain more in depth to help me understand better when I go back through my notes. I started studying five days in advance and I probably spent 30-40 minutes going back through all of my notes.


STRATEGY & FREQUENCY: Finally, my last study technique that I used to get ready for my first statistics exam were review sheets and past semester tests. The review sheets are very helpful because they are an outlined guide of all the material that is going to be covered on the test. I studied the review sheets for the first couple days for about 2-3 hours each day. The past semester tests I studied during the last couple of day before the test. The course allows you to access the exams three semesters prior to look at and study. I would use those tests to simulate the test and get myself in the right mindset to take the test. I would allot myself an hour and a half to take each test.


For my STAT 3090 Test #1, I received a 79. The study strategies did help me to be better prepared for the exam and all the different materials helped me have a better understanding of all the information on the test. I failed this same statistics course last semester and I believe I failed all of my tests so this first test was definitely an improvement in the right direction. I really enjoy these three study techniques and I believe I will continue to use them for tests moving forward.


The flashcard study technique worked very well for me because understanding all the concepts and definitions gave me a great understanding for all the chapters on the test as a whole. The chapter notes were also very helpful because they allowed me to go back and look over certain concepts and methods that I did not truly understand. Finally, the review sheets and the previous tests were probably my favorite technique because they were the best simulation for the test and they got me focused in the right mindset to be ready for the test. The past mock tests were best for my confidence because when I had success on the simulated test it made me feel like I was going to have success when I got to taking the actual test. All three of these techniques contributed to an improvement in my grade and I believe that I will continue to study with these techniques and strategies for my statistics class moving forward.

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