Audio Technica Ath-s100is street monitoring headphones

Portable DJ style headphones from Audio Technica, $50.

Features include a compact style, with over ear cups. The headphones come in a variety of colours such as white, black, green/black and blue/black. There is a built in smartphone mic that allows you to take calls through the headphone, as well as a button control for volume on the 1.2m cable. The long cable minimises uncomfortable pulling and tangling. The headphones and design with 36mm drivers (inner circle inside ear cup) that provide optimum sound with portability.

Key Factors Influencing Choice

Features and Use:

The headphones are quite light (only 90 grams) which makes them very easy to travel with on commutes to work or on long haul plane fights. The portability of this product is excellent because of the feature that enables the of swivelling the ear cup to lie flat in bags or suitcases. The flexibility also means that the ear cups are versatile for any head shape and it also has a retractable headband meaning it can alter and adjust for different head shapes. The noise isolation is quite good for a small pair of headphones however it does not block out everything so you can commute safely without your situation awareness being phased. The sleek and stylish structure of this headphone means that it is comfortable for everyday wear and is quite a trendy style. As stated above, the addition of the microphone to the headphone cable allows incoming calls to be received through the headphone and headphone microphone. There is also a button for volume which makes the sound easier and swifter to adjust.


Website and youtube reviews say many positive things about the headphones and their portability. A common theme throughout the reviews that they are meant for light wear and are practical for commutes and easy to pack. Another point throughout all the reviews was the quality for price as $50 is quite cheap for headphones, and these seem to be the very best quality, of all the brands in this price range. Websites of reviews are listed below and in the bibliography:

This website says that Audio Technica is the number 1 headphone brand.

Competing Brands:

Competing brands of Audio Technia are Pioneer, Bose and Beats are said to produce high quality headphones and other sound goods. However, there are a limited range of high quality sound and structured headphones, like the ATH-S100IS, at a low price range. One competing product is from Panasonic, the RPHTX7 headphone. It is $50 but is not as portable as the Audio Technica headphones. Another product is the SRH145m headphone from Shure, however its design is not as comfortable as the Audio Technica headphones.


At a small price to pay for headphones, it is a wonder how high the quality is. However, they are made of hard durable plastic, with comfortable padding and produce excellent sound. The Audio Technica ATH-S100IS headphones are only $50 dollars which is an easy price to pay for the high quality headphones that they are.


The Audio Technica brand is not as well-known in main stream society as other brands such as Beats and Bose, which have been endorsed by famous celebrities and athletes. However, this brand is known in the music industry for producing exceptional speakers and other professional studio headphones and equipment.

Environmental considerations:

There are not many environmental considerations because the headphones are made of plastic which is damaging to the environment when disposed. However as the headphones are considered a durable good, the plastic will not be worn out for a very long time while using the product.

Place of purchase:

Mall Music, Macquarie.

An over the counter purchase is much better than an online purchase because you are able to keep a receipt and know the sales person that you bought the headphones from. They can also tell you more about the headphones and other products on sale. It is easier to return your good if it is faulty with a hard copy proof of purchase that won’t get lost like some internet purchases will. It is also easier over the counter because you won't have to pay to ship the product back to where it came from if you would like to return it. This shop retails the headphones at $50, which is the same price as the online shop Audio Technica (the brand) which means that they are consistent with the other markets. It also is said to have very good customer service. I choose this shop from JB Hi Fi because that shop had very bad customer service ratings, and for some people, found it very hard to get their money back according to reviews.

Methods of payment


Using cash for this type of purchase is reasonable because you can easily access $50 in cash from the bank. It is a medium amount of money to have but not too much that it will bulk your wallet. Cash is beneficial when shopping because it allows you to only spend what you have and sets a limit. Cash is an immediate payment which means it is processed on the spot and you do not have to wait for payments to go through electronically. Electronic payments can also breach your personal security. Using cash is also a benefit because there are no interest charges or minimums unlike where some shops may have EFTPOS charges.

Disadvantages of cash include that it is not secure and can easily be lost and not able to be replaced. If you are paying for a very expensive item, it can get very bulky in your wallet. Your purchase with cash, will not be protected by additional consumer protection from credit card companies. Using cash also disadvantages you from the convenience of apps that track your spending and can calculate spending habits.

Credit Card:

A credit card would be beneficial for this purchase because even though $50 quite a bit of money, it is quite easily able to be earned back and would be no problem to pay off on your credit card bill at the end of the month. A credit card is also useful if you don’t have the money on you or in your bank account at that moment but still really want to buy the headphones. You can track your credit card history if you want to find proof of purchase if you need to exchange it. Credit cards are very useful because your money can stay in the bank earning interest, until you pay the bill at the end of the month.

The main disadvantage of credit cards is spending more than you can pay back. You can likely spend from $500 to $1000 on your credit card each month which can be worse if you only have a small salary or amount of money in your bank account. The high interest rates from credit card companies can result in debt or even bankruptcy if you fail to pay the amount off at the end of the month. There is also a chance that fraud can occur if someone steels your credit card or if the card number is found on the internet/over the phone or on a receipt. You can sometimes rack up hundreds of dollars in debt if you do not cancel the card when you think someone has stolen your credit card.

In the end, I would pay with credit card because I think cash is best saved for smaller purchases like lunch and drinks and the amount is easily paid off at the end of the month.

Flow chart: What to do if there is a problem with your good


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