Sixth Form at The Buckingham School Success for All through Achievement, Challenge & Enjoyment

Sixth Form at The Buckingham School has been developed to meet the needs and career aspirations of its students. It is a vibrant hub of interaction and learning, with strong teaching across a broad range of subjects. We are committed to ensure students achieve the best possible grades they are capable of, and at the same time, provide opportunities they can explore. Even in these uncertain and challenging times, we are committed to provide the best possible career pathways, to all students..

Our Sixth Form

  • We are an Ofsted graded Good school in all areas of Inspection, including our 16 to 19 Study Programmes
  • Our curriculum is varied and innovative, offering a mix of traditional and vocational subjects
  • We are proud of our caring and supportive learning environment
  • Facilities are bright and modern and there is a dedicated Study Room and Common Room
  • We offer plenty of enrichment opportunities including Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • Strong careers support and advice is available to all Sixth Form students
  • Bursary/financial support is available for Sixth Form students
  • The School celebrated some remarkable A Level and BTEC results for 2018/19 academic year, for instance, A Level Psychology shows continued strength with 53% of students achieving A*-B grades. Vocational BTEC courses continues to be a real strength of the School with subjects such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) excelling. We are particularly pleased with 75% of students achieving A*-B grades.
  • 100% of our students go on to meaningful education, training or employment with a significant number of students (over 50% of the cohort) who applied for university and obtained their first choice preference
  • A high percentage of students commenced Apprenticeship Scheme placements, which is a great way to start building the foundations of a young person’s chosen career path.Our curriculum is varied and innovative, offering a mix of traditional and vocational subjects
  • Has a great reputation for being inclusive, supportive and mutually respectful.

"Leaders ensure that the curriculum extends beyond the subjects students must learn." Ofsted.

"Students enjoy studying in the Sixth Form. They spoke to us very enthusiastically about the support and advice they receive to make the right choice beyond school, including work experience." Ofsted.

  • If you are undecided on where to apply for your Post 16 education, staying on at our Sixth Form, with already established teaching and pastoral relationships, will be a certainty during these challenging and difficult times
  • Support is easier to access through a school you already know and one who knows you
  • Staying on at our Sixth Form with your friends and peers you have known for a number of years will help with a smooth transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form. This is reassuring during these challenging times
  • Staying on at our Sixth Form will make it easier to gain support for subjects you may choose to sit in GCSE exams next year.

Joining our Sixth Form

If you have yet to apply for your Post 16 studies, then consider the Sixth Form at The Buckingham School. We are working hard for our students and fully committed to providing not only well-considered and high quality education, but also supporting them with multi-faceted career development opportunities and individually focused pastoral care. Every student matters to us.

The Buckingham School Sixth Form is committed to ensure that students achieve the best grades that they are possibly capable of. Our students are assisted to explore and exploit the opportunities on offer to them and encouraged to explore and exploit opportunities that they can make for themselves; this helps to ensure that our students leave the Buckingham School Sixth Form on the best career pathway possible.

How to apply to Sixth Form at The Buckingham School

To apply, please download and complete the application form from the website. Click on the button below. All information regarding the application process can be found here.

If you have any queries with the application process, please email Kate Bones, Admissions Officer at sixthform@buckinghamschool.org