Richard M. Nixon 37th president

Richard M. Nixon #37

Republican Party// 6 years in office

Hometown/State : Yorba Linda, California

Fact 1: Richard Nixon suffered two personal losses, his older brother and his younger brother.

Fact 2: He went to Whittier College and Duke University law school.

Fact 3: After Pearl Harbor, Nixon enlisted to the Army.

Spouse : Thelma "Patricia" Ryan (wife)

Children- Patricia Nixon and Julie NIxon

Birth Date and Death Date- January 9, 1913 - April 22, 1994

Event 1: Nixons greatest achievements of presidency had to be agreements w/ the Soviet Union that brought an end to the cold war.

Event 2: The Nixon Doctrine finished aid to allies while providing soldiers to be sent in only at last resort.

Event 3: Nixon had involvement in the Watergate Scandal. The Watergate Scandal was when the Democratic Party office was broken into and secret files/papers were stolen. Nixons partaking in this was obstruction of justice.

Event 4: Also successfully ended american fighting in Vietnam.

Fact 1 : He is the only president to resign

Fact 2: He took credit in creating the Environmental Protection Agency (main goal of EPA is promoting and protecting a strong and healthy environment.)

Fact 3: His election was one of the closest in U.S history. He defeats Hubert Humphrey w/ less than 500,000 votes.

Quote from the president: "Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself."


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