Last updated: 29.05.2020


So you've been told to practice social distancing and stay at home? The world sure does look a little different lately, many places are closed and it's pretty rare to be able to see somebody face-to-face. Whilst a lot has changed, it has also paved way for some pretty innovative thinking and ways to engage.

There is a lot of information out there! This information resource has been created to provide you with one central location to access information and resources to support you through your journey of navigating this new world.

This information booklet is a live document and will be updated weekly, you will be able to access it using the same link provided.

If you would like to contribute to this information booklet please e-mail: Kaitlyn.Traynor@salvationarmy.org.au or speak with your Youth Worker.

Information & Resources

Keep Calm - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information & Advice

Be Safe - Mental Health & Well-Being Support

Stay Connected - Resources to get through Isolation

Resource Highlights of the Week

Each week we will try out three resources as a team and provide a review.

To view previous Highlights of the Week visit:

#1 Reconciliation Week 2020 - In This Together

The theme of this year's Reconciliation Week is In This Together. Now more than ever, is it important to remind ourselves of this, that we are one but we are many. Reconciliation Week is a week of learning, learning about the history and culture of Australia, and commemorates the anniversary of the 1967 referendum which saw 90% of people vote (of those eligible to vote) in favour of recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the census. Urban List has put together a list detailing how you can learn more, celebrate and share the message of reconciliation.

#2 WA Day - Things To Do This Long Weekend

With restrictions easing and a three-day weekend in reach, it would only be fair to ourselves to explore our beautiful state and find something entertaining to keep us busy. Urban List has provided a list with links to some of the best destinations to travel to this weekend, some within reach of Perth City and others a little road trip away, check out the best waterfalls in Perth and find the most scenic spots to watch the sunrise. Tune in this Monday to SOTAStream for an insane line-up including Draft, San Cisco and more.

#3 Global Porch Placemaking Week

We love to see the innovative ways people are engaging and connecting all over the world. Porch Placemaking Week begins this Saturday and it invites you to 'activate your porch'. Now you don't have to have a porch! You can get out into your street, driveway, front veranda, balcony - wherever you can safely activate a space. Create a project; large or small - host a driveway catch-up, a social distancing dance party, decorate your space for all to enjoy - think big! Check out the website below for inspiration.


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