Bio cycles by troy white

The water cycle

The water cycle - Is water that circulates from land to the shy, and gives out energy so the water can evaporate from the earth. transpiration also takes water from the plants and goes into the air.

organic and inorganic components- SOIL, PLANTS, AND THE SUN

The impact of humans on- the water that humans drink comes from the sewage, lakes and rivers even the ground. some times it may not always be clean and people are dieing from it.


Brief description- is used to make all types of things such as ammonia, nitric acid, TNT and fertilizers. nitrogen also from 78 percent of the air, and is used in the manufacture of ammonia and the other chemicals.

chemical reaction involved- nitric oxide,

Organic And Inorganic of Nitrogen- if the nitrogen does not contain carbon it is an inorganic. And inorganic is when nitrogen is applied to the soil

pathway movments

impact of human- it can cause serious health risks and cancer


Brief description- carbon is elements that causes and forms organic compounds with hydrogen. And some can be emitted into the atmosphere and can cause rising temperatures.

chemical reaction- if carbon change what it is it can be a chemical reaction.

carbon organic and inorganic components- organic compounds will contain carbon and inorganic does not contain either of the 2.

pathway movements of carbon-

carbon impact- burning of fossil fuels, burning coal and oil.


a brief description on phosphorus- it occurs widely in a combined form especially as inorganic phosphate in minerals, soils, natural water, bones and teeth.

Chemical reaction- is

organic and inorganic components for phosphorus- its mostly inorganic unless the organisms are converting into it

pathway movements-

the impact of humans- humans affect it through the use of fertilizer the more we have the worse it is.

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