S.C. POLICE Department

The Sauk Centre Police Department is in search of a new police cruiser. We are in need of new technological advances, such as speed and performance.

Ford Mustang SSP

This vehicle starts at a price of $18,505. The vehicle comes equipped with a 5.0 V8 engine. The mustang has a top speed of 155+ mph depending on the upgrades that were done to them.

Chevy Camaro b4c

The Camaro base price is 13,399 but about 16,650 for the police package.The 1993 B4C option cost $3,335 for the six 6-speed manual transmission, or $3,930 for the 4-speed automatic transmission. The Mustang has a top speed of 160+ mph which is great for pursuits.

Both of these cars are excellent pieces of equipment. Both vehicles would make fne police cars.

The manual option that comes with the Camaro is a benefit if acceleration is one of the needed requirements. The Mustang offers a good ratio of low-end torque which also helps with pursuit.

My conclusion is.....The camaro! The reasoning behind this is because it has a 6 gear manual transmission option.


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