Roxana Saberi Journalist/Author

Roxana Saberi is a journalist and author with a successful career and powerful story. While working in Iran she was imprisoned under suspision of espionage, her story reached headlines and touched the hearts of many. Saberi's imprisonment was a difficult time, but with great support she managed to get through it and continues to stand for truth and equality showcasing her passion for journalism to this day through her many accomplishments.

Roxana Saberi's novel detailing her experiences in Iran as well as significant events in her life as a journalist and writer.

Saberi opens up about her imprisonment and details events.

Roxana Saberi has proven herself to be an amazing journalist and writer. She inspires me as her will to continue working for her passion despite traumatic events in her life is truly commendable. Her skills as a writer have been shown many times through her various achievemnts and stories. A great inspiration and talented journalist in the field of communication.


Created with images by keithpr - ""Free Roxana Saberi" by Sheamus Burns (icon)"

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