Shortened Cake By: Michael Thompson

Shortened cakes, also known as butter, conventional, or creamed cakes, are the most commonly prepared types, especially for birthday and wedding celebrations.

What these cakes have in common are that they contain some sort of fat - often butter, but sometimes oil - and are mostly leavened by baking powder and/or soda and acid, as well as steam and air. Creaming is the first baking step in many Shortened cakes, except if it an Oil Cake. You will recognize it when the recipe indicates: "Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy." Then, the eggs, followed by dry and wet ingredients are added in alternating doses. The batter is baked in almost any size and shape. Flour, eggs, milk, spices, flavoring and other ingredients are varied to produce a wide assortment.

You can use the Quick Mixing Method while making a shortened cake. The quick method is when the ingredients are mixed in together all at the same time. The other method of mixing is the Conventional Method It is done with sugar beaten into stick butter, margarine or shortening (solid, plastic fats), until light and fluffy. Eggs are then added. Finally, flour and dry ingredients added.

therefore This recipe fits my category because it uses the correct mixing methods and is therefore classified as a shorted cake.

This shows a shortened cake being made because it again uses the proper mixing methods and it is a strawberry SHORT cake.


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