IMAGINE THAT! Your Image is Worth a Thousand Dollars.

Social Media Influencer, blogger, personal style coach....whatever you call yourself, the bottom line is You Need Images!!!!

Your brand is more than a set of beautifully curated collateral. More than your logo, your color palette and your website - Your Brand is an Experience. Your visuals should help communicate that experience and showcase your brand style no matter the touchpoint, immersing your audience within your story and including them on the journey.

How do you do that?

Through a styled brand photoshoot.

Spending the time to produce a brand photoshoot allows you to communicate an intentional message, attracting your dream audience, enticing them to want to work with you and encouraging them to pay attention to what you have to say.

-Photographer Kam Ridley

Here are my top tips for a successful brand photoshoot:


  • Spend some time at the outset to really wrap your head around your intentions
  • Set goals of what exactly you want to accomplish with your brand photo shoot

Ask yourself these questions before you begin..

  • Where am I showcasing these images?
  • Do I need horizontal, vertical or square for the platforms I am using?
  • Colored backdrop or clean white?
  • Lifestyle shoot or styled shoot?
  • What size file is best for the platform I am showcasing the images?


Now that you’ve identified where your photos are going to be used and what you’re trying to achieve with your brand photoshoot, it’s time to gather inspiration that will help to capture the look and feel you’re hoping to evoke with your brand photos.

  • Create an inspiration board that captures the aesthetic side of what we’re trying to achieve
  • Find images that stand out to you...PAY ATTENTION to color palettes, feelings of the image, styling details and specific images that communicate the message you're trying to send
  • Your inspiration board should be made up of a variety of content that can be used as a visual reference by your photographer to define the creative direction of the project


  • Try to be as specific as possible when writing down ideas for each shot
  • If you have ideas for specific props to be included, the style of shot, or a specific crop, include those details
  • To create a shot list, use your spreadsheet program of choice (I use Google Sheets) and set up a new document with the following vertical columns:
  1. Shot #
  2. Shot Description
  3. Framing
  4. Background/Surface
  5. Props/Styling
  6. Notes

After receiving your shot list, your brand photographer will create a more in depth detailed list that will provide a clear template for the photoshoot.


You’ve already spent the time in the previous step identifying the specific props that you’ll need to create each shot, so that will essentially become your “shopping” list, whether that means pulling items that you already have on hand, or sourcing them elsewhere.

Think outside of the box!

What is your secret weapon? Can't start the day without is a cup of coffee or your favorite notebook, an instrument or lucky feather....include those as your "signature" props

find simple items like office supplies in your brand colors

(A coat of spray paint can work wonders!) Imagine a desk with a stapler, personalized water bottle and books all in your brand name with bold words and phrases. The details MATTER!

Paint chips that you pick up at the hardware store can go a long way too. Anything with intention can work for this...just have fun and remember your brand is UNIQUE.


You’ll want to think through

  • clothing,
  • accessory,
  • hair and
  • makeup options

All of these should fit seamlessly with your brand color palette and style

“Every little detail in the shot, right down to your nail polish choice or the case on your phone, should be thought through and considered, as it’s an opportunity to reinforce your brand style and messaging"

-Photographer Kam Ridley


Scheduling time to create and partner with a professional will save you time and some of the stresses of entrepreneurship. Plus, you just might have some fun in the process.

  • Following the previous steps laid out, you and will be able to create a library of images that are ready to be used whenever you need them, instead of having to sacrifice quality.
  • Think beyond the photographer as well, and consider bringing on a stylist, brand strategist, or hair and makeup artist depending on your specific needs.
  • The ultimate goal here is to create a visual style that tells a story, so that when people see your brand photos, they immediately know it’s your content and it feels connected to the rest of your brand.


*Prices are based on a 4 month commitment*

Package #1: Everything

  • 90 final images (enough to post three photos per day for one month)
  • The session can take place in studio,
  • at your establishment or a combination of locations up to three.


Package #2: Almost Everything

  • 60 final images (enough to post two photos per day for one month)
  • The session can take place in studio, at your establishment or a combination of locations up to two.


Package #3: Stepping it up

  • 30 final images (enough to post one photo per day for one month)
  • The session can take place in studio or at your establishment. (1 location)


Package #4: Trial Run

  • 15 final images (enough to post to social media every other day for one month).
  • Photography can take place in studio or at your establishment.


Each package is delivered with non-watermarked images that are free to use in order to showcase product for sale, marketing, social media or any other online sites. Any locations traveled to that are 10+ miles outside of the Jackson, MS Metro Area will include a traveling fee. For bespoke package pricing please contact me!

These packages are all-inclusive from start to finish. I begin by meeting with the creatives on your team or, if you are a lone ranger like I am, meeting with you one-on-one to create a storyboard for your session(s). This enables us to be on the same page creatively. Be prepared by following the steps above. Here's a quick question summary:

  1. What is the goal of your session?
  2. Who is your target audience, including their location?
  3. Where are you at in your business?
  4. What is your competition doing for their marketing?
  5. What types of social media are your business actively on and how often are you posting?
  6. If you have active social media, what type of content do you post?

Yearly Licensing and Copyright Fee

$120.00 (fee includes photographer filing US Gov copyright for images to be licensed for use by YOUR brand. You may renew annually for an additional $75.00)

Unlimited Licensing and Copyright Fee

$250.00 (fee includes photographer filing US Gov copyright for images to be licensed for use by YOUR brand. This license and copyright does NOT expire and is valid through the duration of your brand.)

Contact Information:

Email: contact@thekam-era.com

Phone: (443) 312-9910

Website: www.thekam-era.com

Instagram: @thekam_era

Facebook: @thekameraphotography

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Kam Ridley


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