Florida Museum of Natural History Austin Tarala

Nature and Ethics

In this picture a baby bird is with it's mother underneath a heat lamp, there's food and water provided by man however, the raising of the hatchling is very much controlled by nature. This interaction really made me realize the importance of man's work towards the conservation of endangered species. The idea of protecting and harboring the next generation of this delicate bird instilled a sense of responsibility for nature's future. I think this specific part of the Butterfly Museum went unnoticed by a lot of the visitors.

Nature on Display

I thought this specific part of the Butterfly Garden was the most interesting and I spent most of my time looking out over this water. The beauty of this exhibit really captured my attention; butterflies constantly flew over the stream and circled the middle trees. It helped relate to me the interconnect-ability of nature that a picture or regular exhibit wouldn't be able to capture. It was really cool to see all these different elements and mediums of nature interact. This seemed to be the most popular spot of the garden to other visitors too.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I thought the contrast between the manmade exit sign and the beauty of the butterfly really exemplified the connection between the human spirit and nature. The museum allowed me to experience this moment of serenity which is something I'd never normally experience. I think this image allows us to realize our role on this planet as protectors of nature rather than oppressors. Also the arrow pointing the exit the other way could symbolize humans' position within the universe, to allow the mystery of nature to live in peace without the constant interaction from us.

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