A Dream becoming REALITY

who am I?

I was born in Romania in 1989 to a family of four kids. I was their second baby.

Since I can remember my mother put into my mind the desire of having a degree. I remember being 5 or 6 years old and wanting to study at the university and getting a degree from it even though, at the time, I wasn’t aware of what that implies.

I carried that hope inside of me for many many years and I can say proudly that after a long fight against the “Giant” this battle will come to an end this coming Summer.

why Journalism?

I was small when I used to watch documentaries about kings and queens of Europe, battles they fought, how they dressed, what they ate, who they married, etc. I knew then, this was my call and without any doubt in my mind I wanted to pursue this dream.

Time passed by and I almost forgot about my dream. In 2004 I moved with my family to Spain. The school from that country put me into a class called “Periodismo.”

It was then when I realized that God knew about the desires of my heart and He realigned my path.

my new Journey

In 2009 I graduated from High School and because of different circumstances I applied to study Business. Yep! My dream of becoming a Journalist has been split in one second.

At first I did not want to apply to study anything if it wasn’t Journalism but knowing that taking a sabbatical year will make me not want to return to school so I applied with the intention to try again next year with Journalism.

On my second year I already made my idea that I will finish what I started and that I will probably never study Journalism. I tried to convince myself that I like this new “job.”

It was during this year that my friend and I applied for a scholarship to come to United States to study English for three weeks.

Inside of me, my dream never died and once in United States I tried again. This time I got into San Diego Mesa College and here is where my journey starts, and three weeks turned into almost 6 years.

The first few months of school were really hard! My English was poor, I had lots of readings that many times I could not understand and had to translate sentence by sentence, it was hard to make friends not only because you change classmates for each class but also my “handicap” (not speaking good English) was on the way, or at least that’s what I thought.

Despite of all difficulties and all the sacrifice my family and I did, I graduated from Mesa College from where I got my AA in Communications.

Next Stop? Cal State Fullerton.

A beautiful sunset from CSUF after a rainy day.

I transferred to CSUF in Fall 2015. Right from the beginning I got involved with a show that took birth the same year, called Al Dia.

I was again blessed and this time I was hired as the Executive Producer for the show. Beth Georges, the adviser of Al Dia, had the courage to give me this responsibility even though she did not know me or what I’m capable o doing.

A view into the studio of Titan TV during an Al Dia shooting

I have been as EP for three semesters now and I realize how blessed I am for all this opportunities that I have.

I have grown professionally and personally and I have changed in many ways.

What's next? GOALS?

First I want to get my Diploma. The paper may not have value. If it gets wet or burns remains nothing of it but the sentimental value that actually has is much more significant and greater.

It has the value of God opening doors for me and providing for all of my needs so I can finish what I started.

It has the value of six years being away from my family, being separated from the loved ones only so I can fulfill my dream.

It represents the love of my family and, their working sacrifice so they can pay for my studies; the believe in me and the encouragement to never give up but to pursue what I always dreamed of.

That paper it's more than that....


I wanted to be a foreign correspondent. I really thought that traveling to different countries, covering natural disasters, wars, etc. will make me be more grateful and appreciate everything I have.

Aptra Bootcamp, San Diego Zoo and talking about smoking on campus

Many people are living in constant stress, fearing for their lives and their families, or worrying what they will eat or wear. Just because I was born where I was born I don’t really understand that what I have is not a right, it’s not because I deserved it or because I have done something to earn it.

No! It’s because GOD’s ETERNAL LOVE for me. A love many times I cannot comprehend.

But despite of wanting to become a foreign correspondent I realized that emotionally I am not strong enough to deal with those kind of situations. I want to help people but I’m useless when I see people suffering because in those moments I feel their pain and I don’t know how to control it so I can help them, encourage them, etc.

But I still want to help the community, I still want to help those who need help and for that I chose to be a reporter. Many times people may not have a voice in this world and may not be able to defend themselves. I hope that working in this field I can be a voice for the voiceless and make a difference in this world and time. Maybe I can’t make much but I only need to plant a seed from where a plant or tree will grow.


This chapter will soon close and another one will open. What the future holds for me I don’t know but I know that GOD - is - in - CONTROL!

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