Name of Planet - Neptune

the diameter or size of the planet - the diameter of Neptune is 30,775 miles.

The period or rotation and revolution -Neptune can do one rotation in 16 hours the revolution of Neptune is 60,190 earth days.

Average distance from the sun - the average distance from the sun is 2.795 billion miles.

Origin of the planet’s name -Neptune was named after the god of the sea who is considered Poseidon.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature -the average surface temperature for Neptune is -326 degrees F

4 Interesting Facts -

1..Neptune is 2.5 billion miles from earth

2.The wind on Neptune go 1,570 mph

3.scientist think that Neptune's core is made of melted ice or water.

4.Neptune has 14 known moons the biggest is Triton.

this is neptune

this is a hand drawn picture of neptune

this is a blue neptune

this is a purple neptune

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