CYLO "Change your life ORGANIZATION"

"Creating Opportunities for those who need it most"

By: Alvin J, Jarod B, Tommy M

There are a lot of homeless children around the world that need an opportunity at a decent education.

Many homeless people do not have a chance to be successful in life because of their current situation. We all know that everyone dreams big and that our goals in life is to become successful in our own way. For those living in poverty, it is very difficult for them to get a jump start towards their goals because they lack the necessities. People living in poverty often feel that they do not have a chance to be who they want to be in life. Their only hope is to find a decent education because it gives us the necessary skills and tools to conquer the world. However the hopes for people in poverty finding a way to receive education might be a tough challenge for them to take on which is why we need to take action into resolving this issue.

Captions states how education is our key to success

It is important that we address this situation because everybody in life should have a chance to be who they want to be, a chance to achieve their goals in life. If we give people who are homeless a new beginning, who knows how well they can exceed on their desired goal. After all, people who often do not speak out, are often the ones who know the most. Homeless people could turn out to have a great impact on the world if they are given what they need to achieve their goals. It is important to take this into consideration. An article about schools in New Jersey says that school districts must have a local homeless organization for those who can not afford an education for their children. Through this organization, we can help make this a law across the nation.

States how much children are homeless that are missing out in education which is the key to success

Our plan here at CYLO is to help homeless people get jobs and afford the education they need to achieve their dreams. We can do this by giving financial aid through donations and fund raisers, and all of the money will go to those who need it to change their life. After the money is funded, we will help support the homeless by providing them the necessities required to get started on their education. According to hopes, dreams, and promise, the chapters stated talk about how providing education to people in poverty allows them to have a chance at their goals in life

An example of how we plan to give people in poverty the opportunity at success

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