Secret Mountain Asbury park, nj

Secret Mountain is a pop-rock group from Asbury Park, NJ. Founded in 2013 by Alex Bevacqui, Heeyoon Won and Matthew Smith as a bedroom pop trio. The current line up consists of Alexandra Bevacqui, Raymond Chalmé, Max Falvey, Kyle Coan and Isaac Nassar.

Their Debut EP 'Shift Happens' was released May 10, 2015 and is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and tidal. It is also available on youtube and Bandcamp.

Secret Mountain recently finished recording their follow up EP with Erik Kase Romero and are slated to release it in 2018.

The band has played on The Special Without Brett Davis and has performed at numerous music festivals including The Front Bottoms presented Champagne Jam, SUNY Purchases' Culture Shock and Stevens University's On Point Festival.

Secret Mountain has performed live on 90.3 The Core, WPSC 88.7fm Brave New Radio, 88.9FM Monmouth University Radio.

Secret Mountain was nominated for best Asbury Park jam band in 2016.

"The Asbury Park-based indie-rock band Secret Mountain are a delightful mix of whimsical fun and meaningful passion that brings to the DIY scene a sense of inclusiveness and originality that is as refreshing as it is contagious." (Bob Makin, Makin Waves/ New Jersey Stage )

"I cannot tell you how unprepared, and then blown away, I was by this band, beginning with their first song, "Shift Happens." The one thing I kept thinking the whole time I watched them was that they were like a punk-lo-fi-indie jam band. The entire room, if not bouncing along, either knew the words or knew the right moments to dance to songs. Lots of freaking out and laughing and in-jokes between the band and audience. There was a lot of love in the room for this band, and it was hard not to feel that." (Allyson Dwyer, Cool Dad Music)

"Secret Mountain sing about the slightly absurd or even the mundane and get at some universal feelings – loneliness, insecurity, being done with a relationship. There are elements of punk and lo-fi along with jangles and twangs that recall some of my favorite indie guitar pop. Together, it all adds up to something endearing for its fun and its honesty." (Jim Appio, Cool Dad Music)

Previous shows and tours

Contact Information: Secretmountainband@gmail.com, Scatterbrainedbooking@gmail.com

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